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Whelks 1kg


Cockles 1kg


Escargot Snails in Garlic Butter 85g


Clams in whole Shell 1kg


Winkles 500g


Chilean Mussels 1kg


Razor Clams 1kg


Clam Meat 1kg


NZ Half Shell Mussels 800g


Scallops roe on 1kg


Oyster Meat 1kg


Clams in Half Shell 1kg


The finest shellfish & mussels delivered direct to your door

Buy shellfish online

Looking to buy shellfish online? Look no further. Here at Bradley’s Fish you can place your order and get shellfish delivered straight to your door!

We have a range of shellfish available including crab, oysters, langoustine, lobster, clams, mussels and prawns.

Shellfish deliver a genuine flavour of the ocean and are incredibly tasty. Having a high protein source and a decent source of nutrients, including iron, calcium and zinc, shellfish is widely considered a healthy food and is eaten throughout the world. They also benefit from being incredibly simple and straightforward to cook and prepare.

Bradley’s Fish frozen shellfish is always high quality. Our flash-freezing method locks in all the nutrients and preserves the components of protein and fat so that the texture, taste and nutritional value are retained until the shellfish are cooked!

Buy mussels online

Mussels are a type of shellfish that can be found in various bodies of water around the world. They’re prized for their taste, consistency, and quality and our mussels are no exception.

Here at Bradley’s Fish, our mussels are flash-frozen to lock all the natural, delicious meatiness and texture, producing better tasting and more healthy mussels than ever. We never compromise on quality and only use the highest grade mussels available.

Mussels are associated with various health benefits. They’re low in calories and high in protein and B12 which make them a healthy dish for any occasion! If you’re looking to buy mussels online, we have New Zealand half shell mussels, Chilean mussels, small mussels and New Zealand mussel meat.

If you’re looking to buy clams online we have clam meat, half clam shells and mahogany clams available. We even have arctic surf clams and razor clams too!

If you’re after a stronger tasting product than clams and mussels then you also have the option of getting oysters delivered.