NZ Half Shell Mussels 800g


New Zealand

New Zealand Mussels are noticeably bigger than most common types mussels. They have a beautiful black-green tinted shell. Their meat varies in colour from light brown to saturated orange and has a delicate sweet flavour. These Mussels are farmed off the coast of New Zealand, they come in half shell, 800g per pack, blanched to reduce the cooking time.

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Common Name Mussels
Species Perna Canaliculus
Net Weight (Drained) 800g
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Processed Half Shell
Country of Origin New Zealand
Catch Method Farmed

Mussel meat is rich in protein, while low in fat, which makes them filling but yet light for the stomach. They are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, that can help with maintaining good cardio-vascular health. They also contain a lot of micronutrients such as B-12, Selenium and Manganese beneficial to the nervous and immune systems as well as overall metabolism.

One of the most popular and exotic delicacies in Europe, New Zealand Mussels can be cooked in many ways, steamed sauteed or grilled, they taste amazing in every way. You can eat the piece of Mussel straight from the shell as you would if it was a fork. Why don’t you try our recipe for delicious Half Shell New Zealand Mussels in white wine sauce, pair with a chilled French Muscadet white wine or a cold Belgian Biere blanche.

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