Oyster 1kg



These are farmed giant Oysters from Asia, shelled and ready to cook – a real find!

These can be steamed, roasted or grilled and are commonly fried particularly in the southern United States.

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Common Name Oyster
Species Bivalve Molluscs
Net Weight (Drained) 1kg
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Country of Origin Asia
Catch Method Farmed

The best thing about these Oysters is that they have an unbeatable taste and are so easy to prepare. All you need is a little salt and pepper, a pan with some hot oil, and you’ll soon be tucking into the most sumptuous Oyster ever.

They’re high in protein and nutrients like vitamin D, zinc, iron, and copper. Oysters also have high levels of Vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium and, calcium too. Chock full of anti-oxidants, Oysters can also boost the immune system and help to keep you healthy. All this makes Oysters a perfect addition to any diet!

Oysters can be cooked in many ways, the most popular being grilled or steamed. You can also have Oysters raw in salads, sandwiches, and soups. They can even be eaten dried! Why not try our recipe for Beef, Ale, and Oyster pie – once a poor man’s dinner it now graces our table with elegance!

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