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Jellied Eels Pot 200gram


Jellied Eels Bowl 3.18kg (new square bowl)


Smoked Eel Fillets 100g


Pie Mash and liquor 453g


Vinegar (chilli)


Eel – Chopped Pieces 500g


Whole Eel Gutted 500-600g


Whole gutted Eel 900-1.1kg


Pie Liquor 800g


Broiled Eel Fillet 160g tray


Smoked Eel Fillets 200g


Whole Smoked Eel Gutted 550/700g


The finest frozen & jellied eels delivered direct to your door

Looking to buy frozen eel online? We’ve got you covered here at Bradley’s Fish. Eel may be considered something out of the ordinary but it’s actually very delicious. Some say it tastes just like any other white fish: sweet, firm, and a little like bass. Good quality eel is often fluffy, juicy and flaky, good on the palate but without the fishy or earthy odour if it’s cooked properly. It not only tastes amazing but it’s incredibly healthy too. It’s an excellent source of vitamin A, potassium, and phosphorus, with small amounts of vitamin C, calcium, and iron concentrations. 

We’ve got various different types of eel for you to buy online depending on your requirements and our selection includes whole eels, broiled eel fillets, smoked eel fillets, chopped eel pieces and of course, jellied eels.

Here at Bradley’s Fish, we’re actually famous for our jellied eels online so you will not be disappointed with your jellied eels delivery – we can guarantee that! We deliver everything frozen to retain its freshness and flavour – simply defrost the eels for 30 minutes in the fridge or in cold water and they’re ready to cook!

So whether you’re looking to buy whole, jellied or smoked eel online – get your order in today!