Eel – Chopped Pieces 500g



Eels have been one of our specialties for more than 70 years. Ours Eels are fresh-water wild Eels, Anguilla Rostrata, caught in the Autumn, from a sustainable source in Canada. These eels come chopped in pieces, in a 500g bag, ready for the pot. Their texture is relatively firm but yet delicate, slightly chewy to the bite, similar to that of the Octopus but more tender. Eels have an exquisite sweet flavour, perfect for frying or in sushi.

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Common Name Eel
Species Anguilliformes
Net Weight (Drained) 500g
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Processed Pieces
Country of Origin Canada
Catch Method Wild

Eels are a high in protein and low in saturated fats, ideal for a healthy diet. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that can help the cardio-vascular system. and are also a great source of Vitamin A, B-12, important for maintaining good energy levels, skin and vision health and a strong immune system. Eels are low in mercury and one of the few types of fish containing high levels of Vitamin D, essential for normal functioning of the human body.

Eels are a highly prized delicacy in Asia, with evermore growing popularity around the world. They taste amazing whether cooked or raw. Try adding the Eel pieces to Potato and Paprika stew, throw the om the grill, butterflied and marinated in soy sauce. Eels are best paired with Pinot Grigio or Bordeaux Blanc.

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