Salmon Sashimi 200-250g


Tuna Sashimi 200g


Coho Salmon Fillet 700g-800g




Swordfish Sashimi 200g


Royal Smoked Salmon min 450/500g (sashimi grade)


Sashimi Bundle


Coho Salmon Fillet 800g-900g


Sashimi grade fish delivered direct to your door

We’re proud to supply some of the finest sashimi grade salmon and tuna at great prices.

Sashimi comes from the Japanese words “sa” (meaning “knife”) and “shi” (meaning “fillet”) so it will come as no surprise to you that this Japanese speciality dish consists of very thinly sliced raw fish.

Quality is everything with sashimi, which is why we source our meat from reputable and sustainable sources.

Serve this delicacy with soy sauce and let the rich flavour do the talking.

Look no further than Bradley’s for your salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi, swordfish sashimi and mackerel sashimi, delivered straight to your door. We also offer a sashimi bundle allowing you to sample a little bit of each!