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Squid Tubes 1kg


Salt and Pepper Squid 1KG


Squid Tubes 1kg(Taiwanese)


Baby Octopus 1kg


Squid Rings 1kg


Small Squid 1kg


Squid Tentacles 1kg


Baby Cuttlefish 1kg


Battered Squid Rings 500g


Octopus Tentacles 240-300g


Whole Octopus 1-1.2kg


Cuttlefish Ink 4g


The finest frozen squid & octopus delivered direct to your door

Buy frozen squid online

When you buy frozen squid online from Bradley’s Fish, you’re ensuring high grade, quality squid every single time. Our squid is harvested, packaged, and frozen within hours of being captured to maintain the quality of our products. We organise your purchases, pack them in thermal packaging and deliver them out to your doorsteps. Our frozen squids are supplied directly from the waters of the UK and are incredibly tender when cooked properly. Be sure not to overcook it!

We have a variety of different types of squids available here online. Choose from squid rings, squid tubes, battered squid rings, squid tentacles, sliced squid ika, whole baby squid and even salt and pepper squid! You may be more familiar with squid by its popular gourmet name “Calamari”. 

Our frozen squid will retain its freshness, consistency and appearance for up to six months if stored correctly in the freezer. Buy squid online from Bradley’s Fish and you won’t be disappointed. 

Buy frozen octopus online

Buying frozen octopus is a convenient way to ensure that it is tenderised and that it can be kept for longer periods. Our freezing process involves breaking down the fibres within the octopus, allowing it to be more tender and easier to prepare, which creates that perfect delicious texture. Every single one of our octopuses is caught and washed, and then quality controlled to ensure only the highest grade makes the cut. They are then tenderised, and individually frozen to retain the flavour and quality. Our frozen octopus will stay in good shape for around 9 months if stored properly, but it will remain safe to eat even after that.

We have a variety of different types of octopus including octopus tako, octopus tentacles, baby octopus and various sized whole octopuses so you’re sure to find something to suit your requirements.

If you’re looking for a fast and simple way to eat octopus, order octopus online from Bradley’s Fish today!