Squid Tentacles 1kg


Pacific NW

These are 60-100gram clusters of squid tentacles in a 1 kilo, 800gram net weight bag. Wild caught tordarodes pacificus traweled  in area fao61. Please note uncooked.

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Squid Tentacles

Their are over 500 species of squids that exist worldwide, ranging in size from 2½ cm to the largest invertebrate on Earth, the infamous giant squid, measuring up to 18m long and weighing 900kg – a 15m long specimen was found washed up on Seven Mile Beach in eastern Tasmania in 2002, weighing 250kg.

Technically squids are molluscs, although, unlike other molluscs, the subgroup to which they belong, cephalopods (which includes octopus and cuttlefish), don’t have external shells with the exception of one! and have an ink sac, from which they squirt a thick black ink to help distract predators. Most of them can also rapidly change colour, another handy survival technique.