Octopus Tako 160g



Wild Octopus, these sliced octopus pieces are perfect for use in salads, soups, or stir fry dishes. Sliced  Octopus pieces are a great meat substitute when you want something hearty but not heavy. Perfect as a sushi topping.

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Common Name Octopus
Net Weight (Drained) 160g
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Processed sliced
Country of Origin Vietnam
Catch Method Wild

These octopus slices are high in iron just like red meat and also contain Vitamin D which can help to ward off illness during the winter months. They are also an excellent source of protein which is important for the body to maintain muscles and tissues. Iron can also help to keep the blood healthy and prevent anemia.

Sliced octopus  are very versatile  besides a perfect sushi topping, if you’re looking for inspiration why not try making sesame noodle stir fry with sesame sauce and sliced cooked octopus pieces for a real treat. or why not try poaching the meat in orange juice and chili flakes.