Cooked Crab Claws 1kg



Crab claw meat has orange flesh and succulent texture, similar to lobster and crab meat. Caught in the cold water of Scotland. They come cooked approx 12/15 per one kilo bag and have a delicate flavour that will compliment oriental dishes such as stir fries, spring rolls or in a curry. They can also be quickly sautéed with garlic and served with a chilli dipping sauce.

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Common Name Crab Claws
Species cancer paragus
Net Weight (Drained) 1kg
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Processed Cooked
Country of Origin Scotland
Catch Method Wild

Crab Claws meat is a well-liked delicacy. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, such as zinc, vitamin B12, phosphorus and selenium, important for the normal function of the human body. Crab claws are also full of protein, at the same time they are very low in calorie count, which is great for maintaining a healthy weight.

Try out our recipe idea for Chilli Crab Claws, that packs plenty of punch and is quick and easy to throw together.

Serve with a Pinot Gris White wine if the crab is cold (and have a lemony aioli on the side), and a dry Riesling if it’s warm (with clarified butter).

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