Jellied Eels Pot 200gram



These are our finest Jellied Eels in a heat-sealed carton. They are what Bradley’s have become famous for and we have been selling for over 69 years. These eels are wild, from a sustainable source. They have a minimum of 8 days shelf life if left unopened in the fridge.

We normally sell these fresh but occasionally they may arrive frozen, just pierce the lid and microwave  on full power for 4 minutes, leave to set in the fridge for 4 hours, eat within 48 hours


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Common Name Jellied Eels
Net Weight (Drained) 200g
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Processed Jellied
Country of Origin UK
Catch Method Wild

Jellied Eels are a traditional English dish that originated in London’s East End in the eighteenth century and was sold through numerous eel, pie, and mash houses. The European Eel was common in the Thames at the time and the eel became a staple food for London’s east end Eels are low in fat, so they are considered healthy food. They are high in protein. This makes them a great option for those who have to watch their weight! Eels are also low in cholesterol which is good for the heart. The liver of the eel contains a lot of Vitamin A and essential amino acids. In Asia, there’s a belief in eating eels to retain youthfulness.

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