Jellied Eels Bowl 3.18kg


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These are our specialty, we have been producing this London delicacy for over 69 years. Bradley’s traditional jellied eels are sold in all the major supermarkets. A bowl has around 13 servings of five pieces of eel, break out the crusty bread, and chili vinegar. Once opened this product has a maximum of 3 days’ life.


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Jellied Eels Bowl

Jellied Eels are a traditional English dish that originated in London’s East End in the eighteenth century and were sold through numerous eel, pie, and mash houses. The European Eel was common in the Thames at the time and the eel became a staple food for London’s less well-off population.  These eels are wild

A dish of Jellied Eels consists of chopped eels that have been boiled in a spiced stock and allowed to cool and set. A bowl has around 13 servings of five pieces of Eel. Serve with crusty bread and Bradley’s own recipe chilli vinegar which is £1.50, for a real taste of London experience.

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  1. mickweeks (verified owner)

    Rated 5 out of 5

    Had this big bowl of eels this time and they are nice size pieces of eel.. and delicious
    Will be ordering the big bowl again … highly recommended