Octopus Tentacles 280-350g



Octopus Tentacles are the tastiest and most popular part of the Octopus. When cooked, they have a texture similar to that of lobster meat, while the taste depends on the seasoning. Whole raw Octopuses can be tricky to clean and cook the right way, that’s why we offer these cooked Octopus Tentacles – you get all the flavour and none of the hustle. These come vacuum packed, normally 2 tentacles in 280-350g pack. Octopus Tentacles are the perfect addition to your favourite fresh salad or stir fry.

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Common Name Wild
Net Weight (Drained) 280-350g
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Processed Tentacles
Country of Origin Spain
Catch Method Wild

Octopus meat is high in protein and low in saturated fats which are important for maintaining muscle strength and a healthy heart. Due to its high content of Potassium and Iron, consuming Octopus can help reduce the risk of stroke, kidney stones and it is perfect for people with low haemoglobin. Octopus is also rich in Vitamin B-6 and B-12, essential for red blood cell production and healthy nerve tissue.

Octopus tentacles are eaten across the world and come in many different styles depending on location or how they are cooked. In Korea for example the Octopus is dipped in a flavourful sesame, garlic and paprika sauce, while around the Mediterranean it is often featured in salads or stews. Try pairing with Rosé Bordeaux or White Ladoix.