Whole Eel 500-600G



We’ve been dealing with eels since 1946! So we know them inside out. We offer you sustainable eels caught in Canada, known as Anguilla Rostrata. These whole eels are wild-caught in Candian waters. Eels are a delicacy across the world because they taste amazing!

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In Europe or Asia, they’re considered medicine or aphrodisiac! It’s difficult to describe the taste of an eel. Some people say it tastes like chicken, some people say it tastes like eggs and bacon with chili. All we know is they smell great and taste even better! Order for your freezer now! Delivery available next day!

Eels are low in fat, so they are considered healthy food. They are high in protein. This makes them a great option for those who have to watch their weight! Eels are also low in cholesterol which is good for the heart. The liver of the eel contains a lot of Vitamin A and essential amino acids. In Asia, there’s a belief in eating eels to retain youthfulness.

The eel is considered a luxury fish because it does not have bones, so it can be eaten in full without any waste! It is a very popular meat in Europe and Asia! It can be cooked in many different ways – grilled or fried. Why not try eel sashimi, or Unagi Roll to take advantage of the freshness of our product!