Langoustine Shells 1kg



These are the heads and shells of Scottish langoustines or Scampi. The shells are picked over to clean them of any flesh that may be left behind and then they are laid out to dry in a cool room. These langoustine shells can also be ground up and used as a stock powder for any seafood recipe – not so much for the flavour but the colour. These shells are absolutely great for adding texture and glossiness when coating fish in flour or tempura. They’re best used straight from the freezer and add a lovely crunchy finish to whatever they’re being used on.

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Common Name Langoustine Shells
Species Nephrops norvegicus
Net Weight (Drained) 1kg
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Country of Origin Scotland
Catch Method Wild

Langoustine Shells are a great source of Vitamin E, Calcium and iron. As well as omega 3 like most other types of Seafood. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect our cells from damage. Calcium is essential for the growth and maintenance of bones and teeth. Iron is vital for the production of red blood cells, oxygen transport in the body, energy production and immune function.

Langoustine Shells work great in any seafood broth and pairs especially well with garlic and chilli. Langoustine Shells are extremely popular with many of our restaurant customers. It’s used in risotto, paella’s, soups and any fish dish that needs to add flavour. Our favourite recipe is Langoustine Bisque. They also work wonders when making shellfish stock why not give them a try for yourself and order them today.