Escargot Snails in Garlic Butter 85g



Farmed Classic French dish escargots are usually served in their own shells with garlic butter and parsley. The dish is served hot and usually eaten from the shell with a fork or spoon. Popular in France, Spain, and Portugal, these little escargot snails are an exotic delicacy. Escargot, also known as ‘chocolate snail’ or Helix pomatia, is the common name for these edible land snails.

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Common Name Snails
Net Weight (Drained) 85g (12 Snails pack)
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Processed Prepared
Country of Origin France
Catch Method Farmed

These Escargot are high in protein, iron, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus and potassium. prosperous can help increase the immune system and improve heart health. Magnesium has many functions, it can help stabilize blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attack, support bone health, and help in the production of proteins. Selenium is super good for your brain and can promote memory in older adults.

The most well-known and well-loved escargot dish is Escargot in Garlic Butter. This dish gives escargot a luxurious buttery taste that many consider the best part about this delicacy.

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