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Jellied Eels In A Bowl
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Jellied Eels mini Bowl

grey mullet fillet
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Grey Mullet Fillet 350-450g

Fresh halibut fillet
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Halibut Fillets 400/600g skinon

scallops in half shell - 1kg
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Scallops in half shell (8)

black cod, headed & gutted
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(Black Cod) sabblefish headed gutted 1.8/2.2kg

Smoked Eel Fillets
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Smoked Eel Fillets 200g

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Whole Eel Gutted 1-1.2kg

Lobster Cooked
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Lobster Cooked 500-550grams

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Sockeye Salmon Fillets On Ice
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Sockeye Salmon Fillet 140/170g

Tuna Sashimi
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Tuna Sashimi 200g

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Swordfish Sashimi 200g


The finest frozen wild fish, delivered to your door

Looking to buy wild fish online? Look no further than Bradley’s Fish. We source our wild fish from both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and all our products are individually quick-frozen within one hour – sealing in their goodness until they’re ready to be enjoyed. Frozen-at-sea wild fish are caught at their peak of quality and frozen within hours of catching. This makes it the freshest seafood you can get.

We pride ourselves in only providing the highest quality wild fish and we never compromise on flavour. The fish that we deliver straight to your door retains the freshness it had when it was first caught at sea and brought onboard.

Browse our selection of wild fish

We have a range of wild fish available to purchase online and some of our most popular products include tuna, cod, haddock and swordfish. However, we have so much more to offer including monkfish, whelks, crab, lemon sole, plaice, mackerel, and lobster. And not forgetting our famous jellied eels! Any wild fish you can think of, we have.

We also have a wonderful recipe section with tons of inspirational ideas about what you can do with our wild fish.

Buy wild fish online here at Bradley’s Fish – you won’t regret it.