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(Black Cod) sabblefish headed gutted 1.8/2.2kg


Cod Loin Skinless & Boneless 4.54 kg BOX


Cod Loin Skinless & Boneless 1kg


Cod Fillet (Finest) skin on 950/1050gram


Cod Fillet Skin-On 1kg


Skinless Cod Fillet 1kg


Sable Fish (Black Cod) Fillet 200-220 gram


Cod Roe 600-700g


Smoked Cod Portions 1kg Bag


Smoked Cod Roe 250g


Salt Cod 350g


Goujons of Cod 1kg


Buy Frozen Cod Online

Cod is an exceptionally versatile and tasty fish that can be easily added to various cuisines to create a delicious fish dish. Its firm flesh and beautiful flavour make it one of the most popular types of fish. Along with both haddock and pollock, cod belongs to the same family of Gadidae and the white, lightly flavoured cod meat is abundant all year round. 

Cod is an extremely healthy fish with very little fat content. But what it does have is high nutritional value including vitamin B3, B6 and B12, omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamin D. 

We have a wide range of frozen cod fillets available including black cod fillets, frozen cod loin, smoked cod portions and skinless and boneless cod. So no matter what you’re looking to create we have the frozen cod for you.

Our cod is filleted and then frozen as soon as it’s harvested from the sea. When cod blocks are frozen fresh at sea, they are normally transferred to cold storage before being dispatched to the port for long-term storage. This locks in the quality and the impeccable taste.

We’re proud to say our frozen cod offers unrivalled freshness and in fact, frozen fish is often fresher than the fish you find on your local fish counter. When you buy frozen cod from Bradley’s it will be delivered at the right temperature to maintain consistency and guarantee an extended storage life.

Looking for high-quality frozen cod fillets? Buy cod online here at Bradley’s Fish.