Black Cod Fillet 170-190 gram



Black Cod also known as Sablefish is considered a delicacy all over the world and particularly in Asia. The fillet of the Sable fish has a white soft flaky texture with a rich sweet creamy taste similar to that of Chilean Sea Bass. Our Black Cod is caught in sustainable MSC sources. These Black Cod Fillets come pin-boned with the skin on, individually vacuum-packed. Perfectly portioned at 170-190g each, these exotic Sablefish fillets are great for pan-frying, grilling and smoking.

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Common Name Black Cod
Species Anoplopoma fimbria
Net Weight (Drained) 170-190g
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Processed Fillet
Catch Method Wild

Black Cod has the highest content of heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, even when compared to Salmon. It is a great source of Iron, Calcium, Copper, important for healthy blood cells and bones. It provides high amount of high-quality protein which is beneficial to muscle growth and cell regeneration, making Black Cod Fillet a perfect choice for a healthy balanced meal. These are caught in Alaskan waters

Black Cod is included in the menus of the finest Asian restaurant. The high fat content of the Black Cod Fillet makes it perfect for grilling, smoking, or frying while keeping the texture intact and succulent. This delicacy can also be featured in unagi sushi rolls or ramen dishes. Black Cod is best paired with Argentinian Malbec or a glass of German Riesling.