Red Mullet Fillets 1kg



Red Mullet is a light pink wild fish. It has fine and delicately flavoured white textured flesh. It is popular in the Mediterranean and North Africa.

Our Red Mullet is sold as fillets with the skin on each fillet is between 200-300g. Red Mullet is very similar to Sea Bream (Dorade), and it can be substituted for in most recipes

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Common Name Red Mullet
Species Surmullet
Net Weight (Drained) 800g
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Processed Fillets
Catch Method Wild

As Red Mullet contains high amounts of protein, it can be an essential part of a healthy balanced diet. Also rich in Vitamin B12, high in Omega-3 and the skin is a good source of dietary fibre. B12 can help to reduce tiredness and fatigue, and also help the body to produce red blood cells.

The red mullet is a very tasty fish that is also quite easy to cook. You can either fry it or roast it in the oven with some salt, pepper and olive oil, or you can make this delicious fish fillet into a meal by combining it with other ingredients. The Japanese marinate their Baked Red Mullet Fillets in soy sauce and serve them with rice and steamed vegetables (Japanese-style Baked Red Mullet Fillets), which makes these fish fillets into a very healthy meal.

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