Lobster Flavoured Tails 250g



Made to look like a real Lobster tail these little treats are great on a buffet table. Made from surimi rolled up and made into the shape of a tail they are a real treat. There’s 3 in every pack so make sure to buy enough as they are sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

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Common Name Surimi
Net Weight (Drained) 250g
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Country of Origin China
Catch Method Farmed

Surimi is 80% protein and an excellent source of omega-3s, making these Lobster Flavoured Tails a healthy alternative to the high-fat content in regular lobster meat. It’s also low in cholesterol, and low in calories which makes it a perfect choice for all your cooking needs. Surimi is also high in calcium which makes it great for the bones. Surimi has been known to prevent fractures so it’s a great food while your children are still growing up!
Surimi is a seafood product derived from fish by washing the fish meat with water to extract protein, which is then mixed with a food starch and then shaped. Surimi is a Japanese word meaning “simulated (or imitation) seafood.”

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