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Crab whole 800-950g

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Crab Cakes 56gram 6 in pack

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Dressed Crab 180g plus

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Lobster Tail 250-280g each

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Cooked Crab Claws 1kg

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Breaded Crab Claws 1kg

Lobster Meat
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Lobster Meat 200g PACK (raw)

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Lobster Flavoured Tails 250g

Lobster Tail
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Lobster Tail 160-180g Each Columbian

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Whole Cooked Brown Hen Crab 800-950g

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Snow Crab Meat 320g

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Lobster Tail 270-300g each


Buy frozen crab & lobster online

The finest frozen crab delivered to your door

Crabs are one of the most widely captured sea animals and one of the most popular seafood items to consume. King crab, snow crab and brown crab are the most common types that are eaten. If you’re looking to buy frozen crab, we have a range of different varieties for you to choose from including Dressed Crab, Cooked Crab Claws, Breaded Crab Claws, Whole Crabs, Soft Shell Crab, Crab Sticks and even Crab Soup. And due to our freezing and preservation methods, we’re able to offer you high quality frozen crab all year round.

All of our crabs are collected at sea then frozen. The legs and claws will be removed then prepared and cooked on board. If the cooking is finished, the crabmeat is frozen to lock in the meat’s flavour. These measures ensure that our stock is ready for thawing and use at home after purchase. When you’re ready to defrost your crab, simply immerse the crab in cold tap water, using a leak-proof plastic bag, then change the water every 30 mins until the fish has completely defrosted. Please do not use hot water as this stimulates bacterial growth.

When you buy crab online from Bradley’s Fish, you’re buying a guarantee that your frozen crab delivery will be of the highest quality and excellent value for money. Take a look at our selection and start your next order today!

Looking for a frozen lobster delivery?

Looking for a frozen lobster delivery? Look no further than Bradley’s Fish. We source our lobster from the clear, crisp water of the Atlantic Ocean and they are then cooked and frozen using seawater, making them just as fresh as when they were first harvested. 

Buying frozen lobster reduces wastage as once the lobster is cooked, the meat will be immediately refrigerated for three to four days. But if the lobster is frozen, it will remain good for a few months. Additionally, buying fresh lobster only gives you a small window to use this premium seafood meat. This is because if it’s placed at room temperature for little more than 2 hours, it will need to be disposed of. When you buy frozen lobster you simply need to defrost the lobster overnight in the fridge and it’s ready to be used! If our frozen lobsters are securely frozen at 0°F or lower, they will remain safe for several months as they have been properly handled and as long as the container is not damaged.

The flavour of our lobsters is sweet and delicate, plus being pre-cooked, they are the perfect choice of convenient premium seafood. We can supply you with an entire lobster, lobster tails, and even the naked lobster. Why not take a look at our recipe section for inspiration on your next lobster dish?

If you’re looking for high quality, premium seafood, buy lobster online here at Bradley’s Fish.