Red Mullet Whole 900g


400-500 gram fish 2 in 900g bag

Red Mullet is wild with a light pink fish that has a fine and delicate flavor.

The skin is almost pearlized, with little streaks of rainbow iridescence in it. And red mullet delivers in the mouth as well. The flakes are smaller than those of haddock but bigger than those of sole, medium-sized and almost oily.

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Red Mullet

A favorite of our Mediterranean cousins. Ideally cooked whole on the barbeque, or baked in tin foil in the oven. It’s classified as a round white fish but there is a kind of butteriness to it, a rich sweetness that you normally only find in shellfish. The taste is both delicate and robust.
Ideal cooked whole on the BBQ, pan-fried or baked in tin foil in the oven. 400-500 whole round gram 2 in a bag. Serve with a chilled light rosé or Chardonnay wine.

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