Brown Shrimps Potted 48g



Potted shrimps are a traditional British dish made with brown shrimp flavoured with nutmeg. The dish consists of brown shrimp in nutmeg-flavored butter, which has set in a small pot, the butter acting as a preservative. Cayenne pepper may also be included for extra flavour.

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It is traditionally eaten with fresh or toasted bread. This pot contains 48g of shrimp and 9g of hot spiced butter which produces a magnificent Cumbrian style potted shrimp.

Brown shrimp is low in saturated fats and is a very good source of selenium and vitamin B12. Selenium is important to the immune system and can aid calcium absorption. Vitamin B12 is a key part of the body’s metabolic process. This is healthy, low-fat food for the whole family.

Serve on brown toast with a slice of lemon for a delicious snack or appetiser. Try serving with a chilled un-oaked Chardonnay from Australia or California.

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