Anchovies and Olives 1kg




These may be small fish but they punch a big flavour! Ours are sold as fillets.

They provide a solid, flavoursome base to many Mediterranean dishes. Many recipes use anchovies for their powerful flavour hit where they are not recognisable either visually or by the taste buds. They are very often that secret ingredient that you just cannot put your finger on – the one that really makes the recipe sing!

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Anchovies and Olives

Anchovy is similar to tuna, sardine and mackerel, but it is considered a “poor fish”. In fact, their cost is low due to their abundance but their alimentary value is very high. They have contents of proteins, vitamins A, B, D and niacin and even unsaturated fatty acids. Anchovies are favourite with the Sicilians because they are considered an aphrodisiac! These are fillets.

They are a small sea water fish about 3 inches long and closely related to herrings and are high in proteins.

Many Sicilians consider them to be an aphrodisiac!.

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