Whole Prawns 16-20 1kg



These whole prawns and farmed in south-east Asia and fast-frozen ready for shipping to our warehouse. These incredibly fresh prawns are perfect for any time of the day. You can either peel, chop and devein them yourself or cook them whole to add extra flavour to your dish! There are between 16-20 (Large Size) in a box.

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Common Name Prawns
Species Crustaceans
Net Weight (Drained) 750g
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Processed Whole
Country of Origin Asia
Catch Method Farmed

Prawns are a brilliant source of protein as they are 100% complete, meaning they contain important amino acids such as Taurine and Argo. Studies have shown that Peeled prawns can be great for weight loss as they have a low-fat content so do not contribute to weight gain.

Prawns are simple to cook with a variety of dishes across many cuisines. You can try our very own seafood stew or add them to your favourite pasta. Other options include using them as raw ingredients to whip up a quick seafood cocktail, blending them to a seafood paste, or just enjoy them simply tossed on low heat with lemon and garlic. Cook them whole in a paella to get the extra flavour from them shells!

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