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The fish is caught in the North Sea, specialized fishing areas of the Baltic, and off the Atlantic coast of Europe from southern Norway to Portugal. It is a schooling fish, but in summer it can be more pelagic. The fish is then breaded and frozen before being sold as frozen fish fillets.

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Common Name Breaded Plaice
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Processed Prepared
Country of Origin UK
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Units in Packaging 10

This fish & chip shop at home, just drop in the fryer and they’re ready to eat. Favourite accompaniments, chips, garden or mushy peas curry sauce, tomato or tartar sauce, and a lemon wedge. Plaice is a very popular fish in northern Europe, especially in Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and the UK, which border its main fishing area in the North Sea. It’s also found in much smaller quantities in the neighboring seas – the Baltic, the English Channel, and the Atlantic Ocean as far south as Portugal. 170-200g each

Plaice is a good source of vitamin B1 and vitamin B7. Vitamin B1 can also be found in other seafood, such as salmon and mackerel. Vitamin B7 can only be acquired by eating fish. Plaice contains large amounts of the two, which is why it tastes so good!

In the UK, Plaice is only one of two flatfish which can be called “sole” (the other is the Dover sole). Sole tends to refer to larger fish, while plaice refers to smaller ones and their meatier variety.

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