Cuttlefish Ink 500g



Colours pasta, rice, and fingers black as the ace of spades. Cuttlefish ink may be used just the same as squid ink and can be used in the same cooking applications such as colouring pasta, pizza bases and rice. Cuttlefish ink is a natural food colouring that has minimal effect on the flavour of the dish. Squid ink will take longer to thicken when used for pasta and rice making, because of the slight difference between the two.

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Common Name Cuttlefish Ink
Net Weight (Drained) 500g
Country of Origin Spain
Catch Method Wild

Cuttlefish Ink is a very good source of iron which can aid cell metabolism and growth, nerve function and oxygen transport. It can help control the levels of blood glucose, and potentially improve the function of your pancreas and insulin system. This can increase your ability to regulate blood glucose levels, as well as providing protection for your liver from the toxins that glucose creates.