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Carabineros Wild Red Prawns 800g


Shell on Prawns 5kg


Peeled Brown Shrimps 454g


Whole Black Tiger Prawns 2/4 1kg


Atlantic Peeled Prawns 2kg


Whole Red Prawns 2kg


Headless Prawns XXL 1kg


Whole Prawns 4/6 1KG


King Prawns 10-20 1kg


King Prawns raw 6/8 1kg


Peeled Prawn 2kg 40% Glaze


Whole Scampi 4/7 in kg – Langoustines


Buy fresh & frozen prawns online, delivered direct to your door

From cooked prawn sandwiches to a tray of prawn hors d’oeuvres, whatever the season, occasion or celebration, prawns are always a crowd pleaser. And if you’re looking to order prawns online, we have a range of high quality produce to make your menu pop. High in protein and omega-3 but low in calories, they’re a bona fide health food that can be enjoyed all year round.

Frozen at sea

Every single frozen prawns delivery is handled with care to ensure the highest quality produce delivered straight to your door. We carefully clean our prawns and devein them, keeping them fresh and preserving their quality flavours without any additives. Our processing treatment ensures that all of our prawns remain juicy, fresh and delicious. Our prawns are frozen at sea through soaking in a cold brine to provide a better glaze and to render an easier sorting of the prawns while thawing.

We have such a diverse range of fresh and frozen prawns online so you’re sure to find something to suit your requirements. We have tempura prawns, whole prawns, breaded prawns, king prawns plus so many more variations to try! Whatever option you choose, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with your prawns delivery.

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