Stone Bass Fillets 600-800g



These impressively large Stone Bass fillets are a lovely new addition to our catalogue. Stone Bass or Wreckfish lives near the bottom, its low-fat flesh has nice muscle flakes with mild sweet taste similar to that of the Grounder. Our Stone Bass is wild-caught and comes filleted and frozen with the skin on, roughly 600g to 800g per fillet.

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Common Name Stone Bass Fillets
Species Polyprion americanus
Net Weight (Drained) 6-800g
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Processed Fillets
Country of Origin UK
Catch Method Wild

Stone Bass is a great source of protein and good cholesterol, important for muscle growth and healthy blood vessels. It also contains Omega-3 fatty acids beneficial to the normal functioning of the brain and the heart. Stone Bass contains vitamin B6, niacin, Calcium and Phosphorus, essential to the bones, red blood cells and metabolism.

Getting its name from the stone ledges and the shipwrecks it can be found, the Stone Bass can be prepared in numerous ways. These Stone Bass Fillets are great for marinating with bold flavours such as cayenne pepper, lemon, mustard or soy sauce. Best way to cook this fish is to pan-fry it for a few minutes on each side to lock the flavours and the moisture in. Best paired with a Loire Sauvignon Blanc such as Sancerre or Pouilly Fumé.