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Swordfish Steak 1kg


Mackerel Fillets 1Kg


Monkfish Fillet 200-250g


Seabass Fillets (wild) 380/450gram


Scallops in half shell (8)


Nile Perch steaks 1kg


Arctic Surf Clams (Hokkigai) 1KG


Black Tilapia 500/700g


Scallops (Hand dived)King 1kg


Kingfish Loin 200-230 gram skin on


Whole Scampi 4/7 in kg – Langoustines


Lobster Tail 230-280g each


It’s BBQ time! Get the finest BBQ Fish & Seafood delivered straight to your door

Looking for seafood for a BBQ? We’re proud to offer a range of frozen BBQ fish, perfect for the outdoor parties you throw on those long summer days. Many people stick to the traditional hamburger and hotdog when it comes to a BBQ but for those that don’t eat meat, or are looking for a healthier option, we have a range of seafood perfect for a BBQ!

Buy frozen BBQ fish online

Buying frozen seafood for a BBQ means that it keeps fresher for longer and you can buy and store it for future use should you not need to feed as many as you thought.

Whether you want to keep it simple and understated with a few prawns and a tuna steak or roll out the red carpet with some lobster tail, we’ve got barbeque fish to suit your requirements!

Swordfish is a fantastic fish to BBQ as it has a chunky, meaty texture and holds up well over the flames but almost any fish can be cooked BBQ style providing it’s done properly.

One of the best and most simple ways of barbecuing fish is to leave them whole – whole sea bass for example makes an impressive main, and the bones help to impart flavour and moisture into the flesh, really elevating your standard BBQ.

If you’re looking to impress then order your frozen barbeque fish from Bradley’s Fish today.