Oreo Dory 1kg



We have got a small quantity of these wild skinless and boneless Oreo Dory fillets at an amazing price, each fillet is between 60-115g. Oreo Dory fillet is excellent when marinated, skewered, and cooked on top of an open barbecue or under the grill in the oven. It’s perfect when served with a side of rice or simply dressed with lemon and olive oil. The flesh of the Oreo Dory is light pink and has a firm yet tender texture.

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Common Name Oreo Dory
Species Pseudocyttus Maculatus
Net Weight (Drained) 1kg
Fresh/Frozen Frozen
Processed Skinless & boneless fillets
Country of Origin China
Catch Method Wild

Oreo Dory is an excellent source of high-quality protein and is loaded with a variety of healthy fats such as Omega 3 and Omega 6. It’s a great source of Vitamin D, B12, selenium and iodine. All of which can help in brain development and function. Oreo Dory also contains both selenium and iodine in high amounts. Selenium can help to support the immune system, while also having antioxidant properties to fight against premature cell aging.

This is a fish that you can serve as an entree at your next dinner party, or you can impress your guests with it as an appetizer. Serve with a chilled Pinot Grigio or Muscadet white wine and your guest are sure to enjoy themselves.

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